The Gentleman Nomad

Gentleman Nomad

A luxe upgrade to the typical grungy digital nomad kit

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You've likely heard the term “digital nomads.” Those young remote workers cracking open their MacBook Pros by beaches in Bali or cafes in Chiang Mai, wearing vests and drinking beers. The new backpacker. Good times, but not quite our thing.

Enter the "gentleman nomad." Someone on the move, who needs to keep flexibility and practicality in mind, but wants to exist with a little more elan. Someone who senses possibility around every corner, whether that's a new deal, a new view, a new restaurant or a new date. Possibility is the point for this modern wayfarer and they are ready for everything—business and adventure, excitement or boredom, romance or bromance. Life, especially life on the road, can be random but sometimes that's beautiful. Being prepared for uncertainty is how to get ahead and when opportunity strikes, having the right stuff on you broadens the horizons of your existence. It's also just fun to be able to do what you want, when you want, where you want. Here is our luxe take on the nomad stack. You'll be ready to go anywhere, do anything and look damn good while doing it.


The Gentleman
Nomad Kit

Alex Mill Superfine Merino Jacket

Superfine merino jacket,
$175 by Alex Mill

Outlier Futurdarts Pants

Tough, go-anywhere pants with a slightly more refined, tapered cut

Futuredarts pants,
$148 by Outlier

A self-cleaning water bottle with an innovative UV light-powered water purification system

Larq Water Bottle

Water bottle,
$125 by Larq

Proof Long Sleeve Merino Tee

Long sleeve merino tee,
$92 by Proof

Onia Calder Swim Shorts

Smart enough for cocktails but performs well in the sea

Calder swim shorts,
$130 by Onia


According to a 2018 report (PDF) by online investment company Betterment, 1 in 3 workers are now independent contractors or freelancers.

Aer Travel Pack Aer Travel Pack

Travel pack,
$250 by Aer

Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Noise cancelling wireless headphones,
$348 by Sony

Loow Merino Boxers

Temperature regulating, moisture wicking and easy to care for on the road

Merino boxers, $90 for three,
by Loow

Get Away, Get Focused

Become an Outsite member to take advantage of their incredible co-living locations around the world. Aside from a room and somewhere to work, you get to plug into their network and meet other nomads who like you, want to do things in style.

From $249 a year at Outsite

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