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The Extremely
Durable Chino

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The Extremely Durable Chino

The comfortable, reliable and affordable pants that work for you

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Haggar Iron Free Premium Khaki pant

We ask a lot of our pants these days. We're used to wearing a shirt and tossing it in the hamper at the end of a long day. But our pants? Ideally, we get a few wearings out of them before washing. You might change into a fresh shirt before going out for the night, but the pants? They'll likely stay put. A quality pair of chinos, for instance, should be able to keep up with the daily grind, can travel well and won't require too much maintenance. If you can find a pair that does all of that, and for a reasonable price? You've really scored.

Haggar, the nearly century-old American outfitter, basically invented the very pants we're envisioning. Founded in Dallas back in 1926, the brand has a long history of making pants that are formal yet functional. By the '70s, they were dominating the market as the number one selling pant in America. And when business casual painted the country in a sea of khaki, we are sure that most chinos sported a Haggar label. After all, that was the time the brand introduced 100% wrinkle-free cotton.

Haggar Iron Free Premium Khaki pant
Haggar Iron Free Premium Khaki pant

Now, after some significant research and development, Haggar has debuted their Iron Free Premium Khakis. A pair of pants with classic styling and a touch of stretch that are so comfortable, they can be worn all day and night, can survive multiple rounds in the washer/dryer, even a flight stuffed into a carry-on and still come out looking fresh. They're the kind of pants that can be worn multiple times without needing to be ironed or refreshed. In short, these are the ultimate commuter pants without looking too "athletic" or "tech-y." They're easy to wear but never leave you looking undone.

Iron Free Premium Khaki pant,
$70 / $36.99 by Haggar


Flat front or pleated
(something for everyone's style)

Premium stretch fabric
for ease of movement

Flexible waistband
with convenient shirt gripper

No ironing

Haggar Iron Free Premium Khaki Pant colors

Available in classic, straight and slim/straight fits with nine color options

Haggar's Pro Football Hall of Fame's gold jacket


Since 1978, Haggar has made the Pro Football Hall of Fame's gold jacket for all inductees. The legendary jacket is made from a hopsack wool and features a custom printed lining, embroidered patch and a unique dyed shade not registered with any color service.

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