The Flannel Shirt
Is Essential

The best men's flannel shirts in 2020

The Flannel Shirt Is Essential

A dozen of your best options, at any price

The flannel shirt is a time-honored menswear staple. A hardy wardrobe workhorse and the very definition of a cold weather shirt. Something of a sartorial contradiction, the shirts are rugged and durable, and yet soothingly soft and warm at the same time.

Let us just try to count all the ways you can wear one. Buttoned all the way up for a sleek, modern vibe? Sure. Tucked into your favorite worn-in jeans? Of course. Pulled over a loose T-shirt, with a pair of Dickies or cargo pants? Why the hell not? There are all sorts of styles to try, from hardwearing chore shirts to more tailored button-downs. The best ones right now are unapologetically flannel—with big check plaids or nubby woolen textures and slightly roomier cuts that make them ideal for layering. Here are a few of our favorites.


Best Flannels in 2020

Alex Mill Flannel Shirt

Alex Mill, $125

Standard Cloth Flannel Shirt

Acid wash treatment for a vintage vibe

Acid wash treatment for a vintage vibe

Standard Cloth, $54

Todd Snyder Flannel Shirt

Todd Snyder, $178

Dickies Flannel Shirt

Dickies, $69

Madewell Flannel Shirt

Madewell, $88

Abercrombie & Fitch Flannel Shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch, $79 / $63.20

Mr P. Flannel Shirt

Relaxed, oversized fit

Relaxed, oversized fit

Mr P., $190

Uniqlo Flannel Shirt

Uniqlo, $29.90

Patagonia Flannel Shirt

Patagonia, $79

Only NY Flannel Shirt

Only NY, $110 / $65.98

Everlane Flannel Shirt

Everlane, $72


That soft, fluffy texture? It’s created by running a fine metal comb over the fabric (before or after weaving). Flannel clothing may be left without brushing, completely brushed, or even brushed on select sides for extra coziness.

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