The national pastime that is backyard grilling truly exemplifies July Fourth weekend—and you're cordially invited to participate in full. Dust off the grill, text a few invites and potluck requests, because this weekend, it's time for an outdoor evening to remember. Intimate get-togethers are a treat on their own, but if you're able to safely gather a large group of friends and family, what better way to inaugurate a new period of post-pandemic living? Less than perfect, however, is the typical grill master outfit: Stained tee, standard shorts and spent sneakers. Instead, upgrade your look for something a bit more becoming of a charcoal champion. Swap out the busted kicks for some mules—the perfect sandal-clog hybrid that offers all the openness and ease of a slide with just a bit more security. Try a printed shirt and don't forget the finishing touches; a little extra seasoning never hurt anybody. Browse our cookout kit below for the best BBQ look of the season.