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Lean Into Linen

Best men's lightweight linen shirts in 2021 Best men's lightweight linen shirts in 2021

Lean Into

Breeze through summer
in this lightweight fabric

Linen is something of a contradiction, isn’t it? It's supposed to be casual, but this seemingly fussy fabric is so often viewed as either a luxury to iron and take immaculate care of, or a crinkled, wrinkled mess that looks like it's just been pulled out of the hamper. So why bother? Perhaps because linen is the undisputed king of warm weather materials—light and airy, its texture simply can't be beat when it comes to simmering summer days. The textile dries much quicker than cotton, offering a more sweat-free option, and if cared for properly, it only gets better with age.

Yes, linen does indeed wrinkle, but that further adds to the charm, should you choose to lean into it. And now, more than ever, the material offerings are nothing if not expansive. There are new, modern takes that will help you beat the heat in fully ventilated style. Beyond its seasonal practicality, linen reigns supreme because of its versatility. A linen shirt can spice up any pair of trousers, or even a lightweight suit, especially if it adds a pop of color or a funky collar.

Conversely, linen with a pair of short-shorts and some new summer kicks is the perfect amount of '80s/'90s revival for a hot, vaxxed summer. Size up for a relaxed fit, with the added benefit of an even breezier feel. Our selections run the gamut from dressy to gorpy and everything in between. Take your pick and then take it easy.


Summer’s Best
Linen Shirts in 2021

Drakes Broad Stripe Spread Collar Shirt

Broad stripe spread collar shirt,
$375 by Drake's

STORY Mfg. Shore Shirt

Shore shirt,
$351 / $280 by STORY Mfg.

Todd Snyder Italian Striped Guayabera Shirt

Italian striped guayabera shirt,
$188 by Todd Snyder

Freemans Sporting Club CS-1 Shirt

CS-1 shirt,
$200 by Freemans Sporting Club

Theory Striped Degrade Shirt
Theory Striped Degrade Shirt

Striped dégradé shirt,
$185 by Theory

Abercrombie & Fitch Button-Up Shirt

Button-up shirt,
$59 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Universal Works Short-Sleeve Kyoto Workshirt

Short-sleeve Kyoto workshirt,
$245 by Universal Works

Gap Popover Shirt

Popover shirt,
$59.95 / $47.99 by Gap

NN07 Miyagi Vaccination Shirt

Miyagi vaccination shirt,
$129 by NN07

Everlane The Camp Shirt
Everlane The Camp Shirt

The camp shirt,
$50 by Everlane

Gitman Vintage Gio Ponti Helix Camp Shirt

Gio ponti helix camp shirt,
$230 / $161 by Gitman Vintage

Needles Cut-Off Bottom Classic Shirt

Cut-off bottom classic shirt,
$370 / $148 by Needles

Corridor Gradient Stripe Popover

Gradient stripe popover,
$165 by Corridor

UNIQLO Wide-Fit Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt

Wide-fit striped long-sleeve shirt,
$39.90 by UNIQLO

Casablancas Tropical-Print Short-Sleeve Linen Shirt
Casablancas Tropical-Print Short-Sleeve Linen Shirt

Tropical-print short-sleeve linen shirt,
$737 by Casablancas

H&M Band-Collar Shirt

Band-collar shirt,
$29.99 by H&M

Snow Peak Easy Shirt

Easy shirt,
$250 / $150 by Snow Peak

Handle With Care

Don’t be distressed if your new linen shirts wrinkle up a bit. The material and style looks just as attractive with some natural creasing. However, some linen can be delicate, so check the care instructions before you chuck it in the wash. A good rule of thumb is a cool, gentle wash, and if you really want to lean into the crumpling (it’s a good thing, we promise), let the piece hang-dry.

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