Men’s jewelry has never been more popular. Or more wild, for that matter. From Harry Styles' pearls and Lil Nas X's dangly earrings to Pete Davidson's kooky necklaces, it's clear that the way we wear it today is very different than in the past. Especially going into summer, when we're wearing less layers. A unique necklace makes the simplest T-shirt look a whole lot more interesting. And a bracelet or ring is something you can wear—even around the house—to elevate your everyday look and give you a shot of confidence. Which might explain why over the pandemic, as elasticated waistbands and house shoes proved to be best-sellers, men also gravitated towards jewelry. The rise of men's jewelry could be seen as a contrast to the predictable embrace of loungewear, but it's also the easiest way to experiment or elevate your casual looks. So why not try something new? Herewith, the necklaces, bracelets and rings worth pulling on.