Indigo Is the Warmest Color

Indigo Is the Warmest Color

The fabric that gets
better with age

Best men's denim styles in 2022

Denim is the workhorse fabric of any wardrobe—literally. Shirts, jeans, hats and jackets have all been created with this timeless material and they all date back about 150 years. On May 20 of 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis obtained a patent for blue jeans, and the denim industry hasn't looked back since.

What makes denim so inherently cool, you might ask? The ability for the fabric to soften and form to someone's shape over time allows the wearer to see the lifespan of the garment through hard wearing and multiple washes. Keep in mind, when it comes to denim, always strive to purchase a garment that uses 100% cotton. That ensures the fibers will last longer and give you the kind of fading that makes denim so unique. Another rule of thumb? Whenever you wash, do so inside out and hang dry.

Guys aren't really nerding out on their denim like they were a few years ago. But it remains an effortless choice that never disappoints, so investing in quality is still a smart move. When styling denim-on-denim, don't be afraid of mixing and matching colors for a nonchalant look. Whether you're rocking a button-down, jacket, jeans or the full Canadian tuxedo, it's a style move that will never leave you looking bad. Here, we've pulled together some of our current favorite denim items. Take your pick.


Best Men’s
Denim Styles in 2022

Front General Store Denim Bucket Hat

Denim bucket hat,
$15 by Front General Store

Levis Vintage Clothing 1954 501 Jean

1954 501 jean,
$260 by Levi's Vintage Clothing

Knickerbocker Four-Pocket Chore Coat

Four-pocket chore coat,
$265 by Knickerbocker

Everlane Uniform Denim Jacket

Uniform denim jacket,
$98 / $39 by Everlane

Raleigh Denim Workshop Six-Panel Hat

Six-panel hat,
$65 by Raleigh Denim Workshop

Alex Mill Painter Pant

Painter pant,
$165 by Alex Mill

Drakes Patchwork Denim Work Shirt

Patchwork denim work shirt,
$295 by Drake's

OrSlow 107 Selvedge Denim

107 selvedge denim,
$330 by OrSlow

Paynter Batch No.9 Denim Jacket

Batch no.9 denim jacket,
$278.03 by Paynter

Ok, not denim but dyed with natural indigo

Clean pocket T-shirt, $55 by Industry of All Nations

Todd Snyder Denim Overshirt

Denim overshirt,
$198 by Todd Snyder

Imogene + Willie Henry Draper Jean

Henry draper jean,
$285 by Imogene + Willie

ANONYMOUS ISM Selvedge Denim Bandana

Selvedge denim bandana,

Buck Mason Ford Standard Jean

Ford standard jean,
$145 by Buck Mason

Kiriko Large Denim Tote

Large denim tote,
$42 by Kiriko

Wythe Indigo Denim Pearl Snap Shirt

Indigo denim pearl snap shirt,
$188 by Wythe

RRL Vintage Five-Pocket Fit Selvedge Jean

Vintage five-pocket fit selvedge jean,
$395 by RRL

A.P.C. Denim Jacket

Denim jacket,
$290 by A.P.C.

NOAH Five-Pocket Denim Jean

Five-pocket denim jean,
$228 by NOAH

Hiroshi Kato Coated Denim Jacket

Coated denim jacket,
$338 by Hiroshi Kato

Indigofera plant illustration

Why are jeans blue?

The first denim was dyed with indigo because it was an affordable and accessible dye that was effective at hiding dirt. Now, jeans are made with synthetically produced indigo, which imitates the color of the dye extracted from the Indigofera plant.

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