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Best men's loungewear in 2022 Best men's loungewear in 2022

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It’s okay to get dressed up for bed

Getting ready for bed should be no different than preparing for your day in the morning. My morning routine is basically identical to my nightly routine. I guess predictability and symmetry keep me even keel since life can be chaotic. In the morning, whenever I'm thinking about what to wear, I keep it pretty streamlined with thoughtfully chosen basics. I wear something similar every day—just in a different color, fit or fabric. Then when it's time to get ready for bed, I throw on an old gym tee with a pair of basketball shorts that you can barely see the logo. Reliable? Yes. Stylish? Not so much.

But I recently tried out some pajama pants and they've changed my outlook on bedtime/lounge attire. They're navy (one of my favorite colors to wear) and even have two handy pockets. They're lightweight and breathable, meaning I can sleep under a duvet and not sweat throughout the night. They also look great while I'm hanging around the house on weekends or taking the dog out in the morning in some slippers or Boston clogs.

Looking to step up your loungewear game? Remember that flowy and airy is the best fit. You don't want something that's going to be clingy or restrictive while getting some beauty rest. If you're a uniform dresser then a matching set works—they all come in great fabrics for summer and winter so you can stay cozy year-round. Are matching sets not really your thing? Then break up your boring loungewear fits with some luxe cashmere shorts, silk shirts or a comfortable waffle-knit. Don't be afraid to wear these out of the house. Some loungewear can be worn from dusk to dawn and back again. We've selected a few that you can wear while it's still hot or some heavy-duty ones that'll keep you cozy and casual in the colder months. Take your pick.


The Best Loungewear
for Men in 2022

Sleepy Jones Henry Pajama Set

Henry pajama set,
$198 by Sleepy Jones

Petite Plume Stripe Seersucker Pajama Set

Stripe seersucker pajama set,
$88 by Petite Plume

Flint and Tinder Surplus Waffle Henley

Surplus waffle henley,
$68 / $34 by Flint and Tinder

Abercrombie & Fitch Short Sleep Set

Short sleep set,
$50 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Parachute Linen Short

Linen short,
$49 by Parachute

Mack Weldon Silver HD Pajama Pant

Silver HD pajama pant,
$78 by Mack Weldon

Alex Mill Beyond Sundays Shirt

Beyond Sundays shirt,
$110 by Alex Mill

Desmond & Dempsey Pocket Pajama Set
Desmond & Dempsey Pocket Pajama Set

Pocket pajama set,
$200 by Desmond & Dempsey


Sid Mashburn Pajama Set

Pajama set,
$250 by Sid Mashburn

J.Crew Pajama Set

Pajama set,
$89.50 by J.Crew

Cleverly Laundry Camp Collar Cotton Shirt

Camp collar cotton shirt,
$100 by Cleverly Laundry

Eberjey Henry Tencel Modal Pajama Set
Eberjey Henry Tencel Modal Pajama Set

Henry tencel modal pajama set,
$135 by Eberjey

Naadam Cashmere Short

Cashmere short,
$145 / $87 by Naadam

Cozy Earth Bamboo Ultra-Soft Raglan Tee

Bamboo ultra-soft raglan tee,
$90 / $72 by Cozy Earth


Derek Rose Royal 218 Striped Cotton-Poplin Pajama Trouser

Royal 218 striped
cotton-poplin pajama trouser,
$150 by Derek Rose

UNIQLO Stretch Easy Short

Stretch easy short,
$24.90 by UNIQLO

Buck Mason Brushed Loopback Trouser

Brushed loopback trouser,
$98 by Buck Mason

Lahgo Washable Silk Short Set

Washable silk short set,
$248 by Lahgo

Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Pajama Set

Plaid pajama shirt ($49.50)
and pant ($49.50),
both by Polo Ralph Lauren

Richer Poorer Thermal Slub Cotton Lounge Short
Richer Poorer Thermal Slub Cotton Lounge Short

Thermal slub cotton lounge short,
$52 by Richer Poorer

Time to Unwind

Try lighting a candle while unwinding before bed. They reduce stress and there's nothing better than the left-over aroma of black vanilla, amber and sandalwood to create a warm and relaxing ambiance before a restful evening.

Amber black vanilla candle,
$46 by LAFCO New York

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