For a while, shorts were not something that stylish men were reaching for in their closets during the hotter seasons. I think we were all fed up with the lame chino shorts, lumpy cargo styles and bad jorts. But shorts made a resurgence a few summers ago when cool guys started to pull on Patagonia baggies more leisurely and not just for outdoor activities like hiking or swimming. The seven-inch inseam gave way to five inches and suddenly, the unsought-after garment gained popularity (and legs were free to get a full tan). The best shorts today typically have a drawstring and come in easy and comfortable fabrics like woven cotton, linen and nylon for much-needed breathability. And so many great brands make them now that they cover the full gambit of price points. Depending on how often and where you’ll be wearing them, how much you decide to spend is up to you. We’re just here to help point you to the ones worth you money.