The Nikes
of the Future?

The Nikes of the Future?

The new Air Force 1s are specially engineered to look fresh forever

Nike Air Force 1 Fresh sneakers

When it comes to sneakers, you either want them looking clean and crisp or lovingly worn-in and scuffed. There's not much in between. Of course, the latter is much easier to accomplish.

But Nike is envisioning a future where fastidious sneaker buffs can have their cake and eat it too—they've designed an an iteration of the legendary Air Force 1 that will stay looking box-fresh permanently.

How? Well, you can't stop aging entirely, but the Air Force 1 “Fresh” comes pretty close with a few design tweaks. Soft, textured leather helps conceal creasing and is easier to wipe clean. They're more breathable than the original and less sweat means less smells and breaking down of the insides of the shoe.

They've also swapped all of the branding (which is typically stitched or sewn onto tags) for debossed leather—further preventing any staining and ensuring easy clean-up. Plus, they come with extra laces. But all good shoes do that now. If they really wanted to keep these fresh, they should come with at least six spare pairs of laces.

Air Force 1 ’07 Fresh,
$140 by Nike

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