The Best Fatigue Pants at Any Price

Best men's fatigue pants in 2023

The Best Fatigue Pants at Any Price

A military-inspired pant turned into a spring wardrobe staple

Before 1952, American soldiers were wearing herringbone twill (known as HBT) during the WWII era. But the Army Uniform Board wanted to do a complete makeover of the uniform and conducted textile research during the Korean War, seeking something as durable but more lightweight to withstand the damp, warm temperatures. The OG (Olive Green)-107 fatigues came to fruition and were made of 8.5 oz. cotton sateen, and would end up being one of the longest-issued uniforms in the U.S. Army, spanning between the Cold War and Vietnam War.

What was made back then is still recognized in today's iterations of the pants—two large front patch pockets, two rear patch pockets with button flap closures and size adjustment tabs on the waist. The pants stuck around in a post-war America as well. Early adopters included everyone from veterans in the suburbs to vets-turned-protesters and even subcultures such as hippies and punks back in the day.

Now, as pants are getting roomier and more relaxed, it's time to incorporate a pair of fatigues into your wardrobe. They usually come in a hefty cotton twill fabric or herringbone, but some brands have updated them to be more wearable for warm weather in fabrics like linen. If you want to up the authenticity, you can also find some secondhand shopping online or at local thrift shops—olive and khaki colors are the standard issue. Whether you're looking to expand or start a collection, fatigues are a springtime workhorse of a pant, and we've rounded up over a dozen to get the ball rolling. Choose wisely.


The Best Men’s
Fatigues in 2023

Alex Mill Field Pant

Field pant,
$165 by Alex Mill

3sixteen Fatigue Pant

Fatigue pant,
$285 by 3sixteen

RRL Herringbone Pant

Herringbone pant,
$290 by RRL

Mother Commando Pant
Mother Commando Pant

Commando pant,
$245 by Mother

Engineered Garments Fatigue Pant

Fatigue pant,
$324 by Engineered Garments

orSlow U.S. Army Fatigue Pant

U.S. Army fatigue pant,
$240 by orSlow


Madewell Herringbone Baggy Workwear Pant

Herringbone baggy
workwear pant,
$118 by Madewell

Stan Ray Taper Fatigue Pant

Taper fatigue pant,
$105 by Stan Ray

imogene + willie Oliver Military Pant
imogene + willie Oliver Military Pant

Oliver military pant,
$195 by imogene + willie

Todd Snyder Japanese Relaxed Carpenter Jean

Japanese relaxed
carpenter jean,
$428 by Todd Snyder

Blacksmith Store Sowing Field Pant

Sowing field pant,
$69 by Blacksmith Store

Knickerbocker Denim Deck Pant

Denim deck pant,
$240 by Knickerbocker


Nili Lotan Luna Pant

Luna pant,
$395 by Nili Lotan

Frizmworks Chino Wide Fatigue Pant

Chino wide fatigue pant,
$125 by Frizmworks

Universal Works Fatigue Pant

Fatigue pant,
$149 by Universal Works

Buck Mason Loomed Linen Fatigue Pant
Buck Mason Loomed Linen Fatigue Pant

Loomed linen fatigue pant,
$158 by Buck Mason

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