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The Best Topcoats
at Any Price

The Best Topcoats at Any Price

Is this the ultimate outerwear? It sure seems so.

Best men's topcoats 2023

When you need outerwear that can be worn in any situation (and any winter climate, for that matter), you can't go wrong with a topcoat. It's fashion's cold-weather security blanket—with its distinguished drape and warm woolen construction, it has the uncanny ability to provide comfort and confidence. The ideal topcoat should give you a rugged yet sophisticated swagger because it's almost impossible to look bad in one.

Of course, they've been around for centuries, and while they have never really gone out of style, they certainly took a back seat to other sportier options. Before, the fit was slimmer and more formal, which to say they looked excellent paired with a suit. However, today's fashion landscape has found a perfect intersection between wearing them casually and being more relaxed. Think the aggressive lapels of vintage Armani topcoats, broad-soft shoulders, and a longer length.

Styling this coat is easy, and the versatility truly is like no other. It's meant to be thrown over whatever you're wearing—like an Instagram filter—it instantly upgrades your outfit. Opting for a neutral shade is smart because they can be worn both casually over jeans or with some relaxed tailoring. Sweaters and hoodies look great, along with a wool suit underneath—feel free to pop the collar up whenever the cold air is too much. We've rounded up several overcoats that run the gamut of affordability and luxury. Whatever you decide on, don't forget to cut the back vent and front left-breast pocket—this jacket is too much of a showstopper to be making those rookie mistakes.


The Best Men’s
Topcoats in 2023

Todd Snyder Italian Boucle Double-Breasted Topcoat

Italian bouclé
double-breasted topcoat,
$1,298 by Todd Snyder

Features broad lapels and an inverted center back pleat—inspired by military wear.

Greatcoat topcoat,
$1,928.70 by Cad & The Dandy

A classic topcoat made of 100% recycled wool.

Wool topcoat,
$455 by ASKET

Drakes Donegal Wool-Twill Raglan Topcoat

Donegal wool-twill
raglan topcoat,
$1,990 by Drake's

COS Double-Breasted Herringbone Topcoat

Double-breasted herringbone topcoat,
$350 by COS

Barena Venezia Single-Breasted Topcoat

Single-breasted topcoat,
$1,630 / $978 by Barena Venezia

Knickerbocker Charlie Wool Topcoat

Charlie wool topcoat,
$650 by Knickerbocker

Percival Trench Topcoat

Trench topcoat,
$450 / $225 by Percival

Features a luxe interior lining and classic lapels.

A&F topcoat,
$99.99 / $84.99 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Harmony Paris Apollo Topcoat

Apollo topcoat,
$600 / $300 by Harmony Paris


Wythe Raglan Wool Topcoat

Raglan wool topcoat,
$1,598 by Wythe

J.Mueser Raglan Topcoat

Raglan topcoat,
$1,750 by J.Mueser

Schott NYC Naval Officers Long Topcoat

Naval officers
long topcoat,
$625 by Schott NYC

Banana Republic Merino-Cashmere Topcoat

Merino-cashmere topcoat,
$900 by Banana Republic

And Austin Club Collar Topcoat

Club collar topcoat,
$1,200 by And Austin

A long topcoat made of a mohair and virgin wool blend from Italy.

Whale topcoat,
$805 by Our Legacy

Kestin Edinburgh Fleece Topcoat

Edinburgh fleece topcoat,
$505 by Kestin

Berg & Berg Raglan Topcoat

Raglan topcoat,
$1,035 / $518 by Berg & Berg

UNIQLO Wool-Cashmere Chesterfield Topcoat

Wool-cashmere chesterfield topcoat,
$79.90 by UNIQLO

Fortela Ernesto Topcoat

Ernesto topcoat,
$1,284 by Fortela

Danner Elkskin Unlined Glove

Protect those hands.

Winter hats and scarves are great, but gloves are the most important accessory for cold weather. Danner partnered with Geier Gloves in Washington to provide simple and tough gloves crafted from premium materials to ensure performance, longevity and fit. The elkskin unlined glove is made from medium-weight tannery-run elkskin—the ideal weight of glove to protect your hands from harsh weather.

Elkskin unlined glove,
$65 by Danner

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