Wire-Framed Sunglasses

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Wire-Framed Sunglasses

A price and style comparison

We ask a lot of our sunglasses. They should be, first and foremost, protective. The lenses should be dark and treated to block out the harmful rays of the bright sun. The frames should be sturdy enough to survive all the abuse we put them through—from tossing them into a bag to slinging them haphazardly onto our collars when not in use. And then, of course, we want them to look good, too. Which is why you should invest in a quality pair at the start of the season. Get some good ones and they will pay dividends for years. And we've found, through very unscientific research, that the more you spend on a pair of sunglasses, the less likely you are to lose them.

If you're not sure which is the right pair for you, trust the classics. You can't go wrong with an iconic pair of wire-framed aviators. Instead of the traditional teardrop lenses, we prefer the more squared-off version. They are a little more subtle, with a reserved, mid-century kind of cool. And they're the type of understated shades that instantly give the wearer a badass quality. They make you look distinguished, but also a little bit dangerous. We put about a dozen to the test and pulled out the three best options, in a range of price points. You can't go wrong, no matter which you choose.



The Trusted Name

• Made in Italy

• 58mm lenses with 100% UV protection

• Smooth acetate temple tips and soft, adjustable nose pads

• Gunmetal frame feels a little fragile with the thin wire temples

Caravan classic G-15 sunglasses,
$133 / $79.99 by Ray-Ban


The Luxury Take

• Made in Italy

• 54mm crystal lenses with 100% UV protection and smooth, polished steel frames

• Available in five different lenses and frame combinations

• Signature embossed arrows travel from the temple tips to the hinge

PO2490S sunglasses,
$307 / $153.50 by Persol


The All-American Pair

• Made in the U.S.

• 55mm scratch-resistant polarized lenses feature anti-reflective and anti-smudge coating

• Comfortable bayonet temple for unobstructed wear

• Lightweight stainless steel frames are sturdy with smooth hinges

Original pilot sunglasses,
$280 by American Optical

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