You've worked hard all week. You'd like to take some time—maybe with a loved one, maybe all by yourself—and just relax. You want to get up late, savor a good cup of coffee and do absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing. You should spend your time off as you see fit: tucking into a good book, listening to a few podcasts or laying back on the sofa and binging a show before going out to meet some friends in the evening. The good news is that you can throw on a comfortable fit that's designed for both easygoing, off-duty pleasure and looking good while doing it. Like the softest T-shirt we've ever come across, worn-in vintage jeans and a breezy camp collar shirt that you can throw on before going out the door. If you're worried about looking too lazy, strap on a proper watch and some heirloom-quality shades. Stay comfy, friends.