Perfect Throw-On Pieces for In-Between Weather

Perfect Throw-On Pieces for In-Between Weather

How to pull off a stylish segue
into cooler weather

Essential men's transitional fall layering pieces

Climate change or not, dressing for the unpredictable weather of September, October and November can be tricky. You know those cold-to-hot-to-cold days of early fall. Seemingly sweltering and almost shivering all in the matter of days and sometimes hours. So how do you handle such dubious meteorological scenarios? By pulling on a few smart, cozy and altogether versatile layering pieces.

They're the kind of pieces that mix and match with much of what you already own. They also make killer travel essentials. Of course, once the chill sets in permanently, you'll be glad your wardrobe is stocked with such resourceful items. From comfortable sweatshirts and easy-to-wear denim jackets to fresh takes on the classic overshirt, these are the staples that will suit you all season long.


The New Shirt Jacket

This is one of your best buys when it comes to transitional staples. The heavy-duty, hard-wearing overshirt will serve you just as well on sunny 65-degree days over a T-shirt as it will on those breezy 40-degree nights over a sweater. Today's best styles are tailored to do just that, keeping you warm without a lot of bulk. It's a little more polished than a denim jacket or a hoodie, and it looks great underneath more serious outerwear come winter, too.


Another Denim Jacket

When it comes to seasonless essentials, the denim jacket pretty much tops the list. The very definition of a staple, it's the kind of works-in-any-situation piece that will never let you down, no matter the weather outside. Which is likely why you and every guy you know owns one. Whether dark and crisp or washed and relaxed, slim-cut or oversized, it's a jacket that is flattering at every age and will forever remain cool. But, who says you should only own one? When you can wear them all year long, on its own or as a layering piece—and when there is a wealth of options when it comes to styles.

Levi's Denim Jacket

Levi's, $89.50

H&M Denim Jacket

H&M, $49.99

RRL Denim Jacket

RRL, $290

A.P.C. Denim Jacket

A.P.C., $280


A Statement Sweatshirt

Take advantage of those first gloriously temperate weeks of fall, when a sweatshirt is all you need for the slight chill in the air. Make a statement with your hoodie—be it a bold graphic, a uniquely textured material or simply a strong color choice that will contrast and complement the rest of your wardrobe. And since the look is rooted in streetwear and skate culture, try wearing it with some relaxed Dickies-inspired trousers or some jeans and a pair of classic sneakers. Come winter, layer it under your overcoat for a high and low mix.

NASA Statement Sweatshirt

NASA, $59

Saturdays NYC Statement Sweatshirt

Saturdays NYC, $165


The Track Jacket

Menswear's current sportswear revival has championed the return of the humble track jacket. The lightweight zip-up jacket is remarkably comfortable and surprisingly versatile. It gives an easygoing and athletic vibe to whatever it is you're wearing. You can toss it on over a T-shirt or a lightweight sweater. You can layer it under a heavier jacket or simply stow it away in a bag if you need to. If you're brave enough, then go for the full warm-up look with the matching track pants à la Armie Hammer. If not, then a pair of tailored trousers or some washed jeans will do.

When do we
“fall back?”

When do we “fall back?”

On November 4, Daylight Saving time ends and we'll turn our clocks back one hour, meaning the sun will start setting even earlier.

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