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LifeLabs is a first of its kind in comfort and performance

LifeLabs thermally efficient apparel LifeLabs thermally efficient apparel

“The effects of climate change are real ... our world is warming at an alarming rate and we're all feeling the dramatic effects this has on our planet,” says Dr. Yi Cui, a Stanford professor and founder of LifeLabs. And while we all know that this is a huge issue, he says the mission of LifeLabs is to show people that collectively, small individual choices can still make an impact.

LifeLabs WarmLife fabric
LifeLabs WarmLife fabric

Grounded in cutting-edge science, LifeLabs truly is the future of fabric. The textile innovator is making meaningful progress combating the effects of climate change through thermally efficient materials and first-of-its-kind apparel. You see, by making smart choices about what we wear and how we live, we can reduce our own personal energy usage.

For his research, Dr. Yi was awarded a grant from the Department of Energy to uncover how to use textiles to reduce energy usage. After six years of research, the team developed two unique technologies: CoolLife and WarmLife. By regulating the temperature of your skin, the fabrics reduce the need for wasteful ambient heating and cooling indoors. Believe it or not, the average American spends more than 90% of their time indoors. Which means, when you wear LifeLabs, you can adjust your inefficient HVAC system up or down, saving both money and the planet.

Here’s How
They Work

CoolLife lowers your body temperature up to 2°C in a warming world. It's the world's first “thermally transparent” fabric which allows all of your skin's heat to escape. That means you're able to stay cooler, drier and more comfortable naturally.

WarmLife will keep you 10°C warmer with 30% less material. It uses a metallic nano-coating that actually reflects your radiant body heat back onto the skin. That means you can stay toasty with less weight, fewer materials and less impact on the planet.

The Products
in Action

LifeLabs' gear is engineered for comfort, crafted to deliver on a promise of performance without sacrificing any style. The modern, minimalist pieces look good in the gym, on the trail or at home.


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