It’s not an uncommon problem. You're about to head to the beach or the pool and you're feeling a bit self-conscious. Especially after a year that felt like hibernation, a lot of us don't feel like we're at our “fighting weight.” But we're all ready to get outside and enjoy ourselves. Thankfully, there are exercises you can do to give your vanity muscles a pump to look their best. Just ask Ashley Borden and Gregg Miele, two personal trainers who know a thing or two about getting in shape and doing it on a deadline. They've worked with everyone from Ryan Reynolds to Nick Jonas, and while they'll be the first to tell you that there's no substitution for a quality fitness routine, there are moves you can do to focus attention on the right places. “I call them the action-hero muscles,” says Borden. “The muscles that everyone lusts after.” Here's what the trainers suggest.