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  • Where can I find a tuxedo for under $500 in a style that will last a few years? Also, can I forgo patent leather shoes with a tux?

    - Joshua, Los Angeles (by way of New York)

  • This took some digging. Most tux options for less than $500 are ill-fitting polyester monstrosities not fit for the prom. Then we happened upon this gem at the mall store Express of all places. Cut from lightweight wool crepe, the jacket has such classic features as satin peak lapels and a tuxedo stripe down the legs. But modern updates like a slimmer fit, slightly higher arm holes and a double-vent in back keep you from looking like you rented.

    Jacket, $218; pants, $128; French cuff shirt, $49 all at Express. Bow tie, $60 at Brooks Brothers.


The New Rules

Old: Patent shoes
New: Classic wing tips

Old: Cummerbund
New: Tab-close pants

Old: Straight tie
New: The bow tie's back

Old: Wing collar
New: Spread collar

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