Year in Review

Valet.'s Top 25 Stories of 2017

As we wrap up the year, we decided to comb through the Valet. archive to reflect on the stories you responded to the most. From essential exercises and mistakes to avoid to surprising hacks our editors stumbled upon, it was a hell of a year with lots to offer. Herewith, the top audience favorites worth revisiting.


8 Things That Happened When I Tried Intermittent Fasting

Our editor in chief kept hearing about the benefits of fasting, so he did some research, reached out to experts and stopped eating for 16 hour stretches. The results surprised us all and have made converts out of at least three Valet. staffers.


5 Money Rules You Should Break

Those old school financial myths that might be bringing you down? Forget about them.


10 Habits of a Modern Gentleman

The essential skills and attributes every man need to call himself a gentleman in the 21st century.


Essential Back Exercises

"Surprisingly, I do mostly back .." Why? "I want a wide frame ... It's all about the frame."


Dress to Impress

David Coggins is a well-suited, worldly raconteur and author of "Men and Style: Essays, Interviews and Considerations." We asked him if dressing well makes you a better man. Here's what he had to say.


The Upstart Brands Making Killer Basics

There's never been a better time to score well-made clothes from independent makers that really care about sweating the details.


The 7 Style Rules You Should Break

The old fashioned menswear laws that no longer apply. Break them and look like a well-dressed rebel.


The Versatile Shoe You Can Wear Anywhere

10 of the coolest chukkas to wear with anything in your wardrobe.


The First Thing You Should Do Each Morning? Stretch.

It takes less than five minutes and you won't believe how good your body feels for the rest of the day.


Tried & True:
The Best Undershirts for Any Body Type

We tested dozens of styles, washed them and wore them again, and these seven stood out from the pack.


How to Lose Your Love Handles

Six proven steps to shed that unwanted pudge.


The Great Debate: Sleep vs. Exercise

"Is it better to crawl out of bed and drag my ass to the gym, or sleep in and get some much-needed rest?"


The Surefire Way to Look Taller, Slimmer and More Powerful

Nearly everything about our modern lives today wreaks havoc on your posture. But a few small improvements will make a big difference.


The Coolest Couches Under $900

Shopping for a sofa that's well-built, good looking and affordable? It's not easy but we're here to help.


The Sneakers No Man Should Be Without

Nearly two dozen of the best modern kicks to buy right now.


The Secret to Healthy Skin? It's in Your Refrigerator.

Eat your way to clearer, healthier skin with these six common foods.


Got 15 Minutes? Then You Can Make One of These Delicious Meals

Short on time? These deceivingly easy main-course recipes will have you eating dinner in just 15 minutes or less.


The Real Danger of Having a Dad Bod

Bad news. Even being just a little overweight increases your risk of death.


6 Ways to Save Money When You Travel

Any savvy traveler knows that overpaying is an easy way to ruin a perfectly good trip. Here's what you should know in order to pocket some extra cash.


Get Modular

A modular shelving system can be built into any size space. It's versatile, affordable and full of possibilities.


10 Secrets About the Moon Landing

The mission's iconic imagery and audio are certainly seared into our collective consciousness, but there are a handful of side stories from that legendary trip that are often overlooked.


The New Suit Made for Guys Who Hate Suits

A suit so freaking comfortable, you'll never want to take it off.


The Tiny Fitness Tracker That's Putting My Apple Watch Out of Business

It's discreet, durable and powerful as hell. Which is why I'm benching my smartwatch to give it a try.


Those Credit Card Chips Suck. And Here's How to Get Around Them

*Swipes card at the gates of hell.
[Satan] "Uh, it's a chip reader."


I'm Calling for the End of the Alpha Male

Another day, another high-profile man falls. I blame the alpha male bullshit we were taught as kids.