The Series

Those moments between turning off the alarm and getting into our work routine can be the most defining 60 minutes of our day. Benjamin Franklin set a day's worth of plans by 5 am and Steve Jobs asked a simple question: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" Whether it's exercise, time spent with the family or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, our rituals are a reflection of us. So we've ventured out to discover how some of our most influential and fruitful peers get started.

My Morning Routine

Greg Zamfotis

Founder of Gregorys Coffee

Greg Zamfotis is on a mission: take back our morning coffees and afternoon breaks from the suits at Starbucks serving burnt brews and overpriced lattes. Well he didn't actually come out and say that, but with fifteen coffee shops, another five under construction, and a commissary with a roasting facility built out, he's certainly on his way to being a force to be reckoned with in the New York coffee scene. Did we mention he's probably the most stylish founder in the game too (take a seat, Spiegel)? A fixture around the shows when New York Fashion Week rolls around, Greg's penchant for the grails of menswear is matched only by his work ethic. Since forgoing a career in law and founding Gregorys Coffee, Zamfotis has overseen a steady expansion, a new Roasting Program and a web shop that features their own coffee blends, merch and brewing equipment. With all of this success and a healthy obsession for the latest styles, we wanted to know how the man gets up and goes. From the newest addition to the Zamfotis clan to his preferred denim, find out what makes him tick and how he approaches his mornings.

My Routine

I'm an early riser. Five o'clock, five-thirty is about average. I shoot for seven hours, but my wife Shalaine and I just had our first kid, Haiden, last year so it's closer to five or six hours.

The first 60 minutes of my day are much different now. I try to do as much as possible before Haiden wakes up: shower, shave if necessary, and eat. Then a little Sportscenter while I feed him. We're working on turning him into a Knicks and Yankees fan. The other day he started crying when LeBron went off against the Knicks, so I think we're headed in the right direction.


I used to have a pretty simple grooming product lineup.

It's a little different now: I use Aveda face wash, and then toner, serum, and day cream from Dr. Haushka. I have super sensitive skin, and my wife got me into a lot of that, but it really does help. Since I started, I've seen a nice and noticeable change. I also use a styling cream for my hair from the stylist Oribe's own line.

Tourmaline charged
exfoliating cleanser,
$29 by Aveda

Facial toner,
$35 / $22.96
by Dr. Hauschka

$85 / $54.99
by Dr. Hauschka

Hair creme,
$39 by

Coffee press,
$28.99 by

slim fit jeans,
$295 by 3x1

Clockwise, from top left:
Hair creme, $39 by Oribe; Tourmaline charged exfoliating cleanser, $29 by Aveda; Facial toner, $35 / $22.96 by Dr. Hauschka; Coffee press, $28.99 by Aeropress; Distressed slim fit jeans, $295 by 3x1 and Regenerating Serum, $85 / $54.99 by Dr. Hauschka

Clockwise, from top left:
Hair creme, $39 by Oribe; Tourmaline charged exfoliating cleanser, $29 by Aveda; Facial toner, $35 / $22.96 by Dr. Hauschka; Coffee press, $28.99 by Aeropress; Distressed slim fit jeans, $295 by 3x1 and Regenerating Serum, $85 / $54.99 by Dr. Hauschka


I try to eat breakfast at home. Ideally, I'll get a breakfast of egg beaters, and a piece of toast with some almond butter on it. But if I'm in a rush it's usually just some yogurt and a piece of fruit on the way out the door.

Ironically, I don't make coffee at home very often. I do have an Aeropress at home, but I never wanted to be reliant on coffee to get started in the morning. I'll usually head to a store in the morning and grab an espresso. Drink to drink espresso can taste differently so while the caffeine is nice, I'm really checking on the quality. Not surprisingly, I've developed a real taste for good coffee beans, and I've become sort of this jack-of-all-trades. I'm tasting, brewing and fixing the machines in our shops all of the time.

Impressions and appearances mean a lot in this business. If I have a serious meeting, I'm not going to roll through looking super casual. People in the real estate world are trusting large portions of their portfolio to my company, so I want to make sure they feel confident making the right decisions. But clothes are usually the last step for me since Haiden, like most babies, has a little spit-up after he feeds.

But, by far, the most important part of my morning is Haiden. For the hour I'm taking care of him, I forget about everything that I have to do that day. Making sure he has what he needs is the biggest part.

I do take a lot of pride in how I present myself. I have 160 employees who see me all of the time. So presenting myself in a way to make them proud, make my family proud, all of that is something I care about and really enjoy. When fashion season rolls around, I get a thrill of just looking at the slides. I'm always keeping an eye on the new trends and talking about what's going on with my friends.

My favorite denim tends to change ... but right now it's 3x1 jeans. I have three pairs by them: black, a distressed pair and a regular blue pair. I really appreciate the craftsmanship behind what I buy.


"I use Grailed to sell some of the stuff I'm not wearing as often. It's definitely hit or miss. Thom Browne stuff goes real quick, but other things are a little tougher to make any money on."