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Day 2

The Tools


Cooking doesn't get much simpler than tossing meat over an open flame, so you needn't an elaborate kit stocked with superfluous tools. (That oversized fork does little more than help vital juices escape.) What you do need are some sturdy essentials and a few icy beverages, chilling in a retro cooler of course.

First introduced in 1954, this old-school classic is still the coolest cooler on the market. Coleman, $150

A chimney starter lets you light and spread your coals quickly (and without any noxious lighter fluid). Rapidfire, $17

These bamboo skewers are wide and flat, which makes for stronger, easier to flip kabobs. Mondo, $5 (for 100)

The one tool every griller needs is a sturdy pair of locking stainless steel tongs. Cuisipro, $20

Keep your basting sauce handy (and bug free) in this covered pot. The integrated silicone brush spreads ample sauce with each swipe. Crate & Barrel, $20

Ditch the long handled brush. This 3-in-1 cleaner makes short work of charred pieces and burnt-on sauce. Outset, $6

A sturdy spatula comes in handy for flipping pieces of fish or hand-formed burgers. Weber, $12

You might not need a nonslip, heatproof, silicone oven mitt. But if you do, this is the one to have on hand. Xoxo, $15


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