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Think Outside
the Box

There are plenty of opportunities (or excuses) for drinking during the summer. And enjoying a nice glass of wine in the great outdoors is one of the season's greatest indulgences. But unfortunately, when you're at the beach or the park, it's not always cool to have an open bottle or even glass around. Which is why vino lovers are increasingly swapping the snobbery for the spigot. After all, savvy wineries are realizing that if you box good wine, people will buy it. The benefits are there: bag-in-box wine is protected from light and air, preventing oxidization and it's more affordable since they can pack four bottles worth of wine in one easy-to-ship rectangle. Of course, not all boxed wine is created equal. One of the best we've found is the Wineberry box. Crafted with wood from sustainable forests, it's got an old school charm that makes carrying it up to the cookout that much easier. Their Chateau Les Maines Bordeaux Rosé is the perfect summer wine, balancing fresh, tart citrus flavors with a mineral and herb finish. If ever there was a boxed wine made to impress those at the backyard barbecue, this little crate's the one.

$38, at Westchester Wine or your local wine shop

If a box is still too bulky, try a wine bota. The traditional Spanish canteen, handmade from latex-lined leather, holds a bottle's worth of booze and doesn't require glasses—you just squeeze directly into your mouth.

$50 by Jesús Blasco