of Valet.

Splendid 6-quart,
$57 by Fagor

Under Pressure

Though it looks like a simple saucepan, a pressure cooker can be your kitchen's best friend this time of year. This is when comforting, slow-cooked meals like Texas-style chili, Asian short ribs and beer-braised chicken tastes best. Pressure cookers are especially handy for speeding up the cooking process for these time-consuming dishes and do the job in one easy-to-clean pot. Here's how it works: As the pressure builds inside the sealed pot, the liquid heats to a higher temperature before it boils (250°F, as opposed to 212°F). When exposed to this super-high heat, food breaks down faster. It not only reduces your cooking times by up to 70%, but it also locks in moisture and nutrients. Meaning easier, faster meals that are actually better for you too. And while you don't need to be a chef to master the process, you can use the same pressure cooker they use in their own kitchens. Fagor, a Spanish brand favored by top chefs, makes a variety of cookers, all of which are safe, simple and highly effective. This six-quart model makes for a good introductory pressure cooker with plenty of room and fool-proof safety features.

How it Works

The lid prevents steam
from escaping and
the heat is
transferred to
the food.

Cooking Time Difference

Whole Chicken

15 minutes instead of 60

Brown Rice

20 minutes instead of 50

Short Ribs

55 minutes instead of 3h and 30m

The number of years all Fagor cookware is under warranty.