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Spirits Week

Your Bar Tool Kit

A great cocktail is not born, it's built. Meaning that you need the proper equipment. Here are the tools every man needs to have on hand, as prescribed by expert mixologist Mittie Hellmich, author of "The Ultimate Bar Book."


Mixing Glass

The essential mixing vessel for purists. Or for mixing more than two drinks at a time. And this handsome cut glass version has a pinched spout that holds back the ice when pouring. Plus, it's sturdy enough to store your other tools when not in use.

$33, by Yarai



While the industrial Boston shaker is preferred by bartenders, they can sometimes be messy. A classic cobbler style shaker is more ideal for the occasional cocktail maker.

$25, by Sur la Table

Bar Spoon

Stirring ensures a cocktail that's extra cold and silky. And a long, thin bar spoon helps you stir quickly without creating a lot of disruption, which can make a drink cloudy.


$18, by Cocktail Kingdom

    Further Reading: Hellmich's 476-page tome, "The Ultimate Bar Book," has more than 1,000 different recipes, along with a glassware guide, tips on how to use garnishes and even some hangover remedies. $16, at Amazon


A good cocktail is a mix of chemistry and alchemy, which means accuracy is important. This easy-to-read measuring jigger is made from 18/8 stainless steel in a traditional hourglass shape.

$10, by StainlessLux



Known as a Hawthorne strainer, it drains just the liquid (and the ideal amount of tiny ice chips) into your glass. And this modern dripless model replaces the cumbersome handle with a slip-proof finger pad.

$8, by Oxo


Citrus Juicer

The best cocktails are made with fresh juices, and this gear-enabled metal press (which accommodates all types of citrus fruit) is a quick, efficient way to get the most juice with the least amount of pulp.

$25, by Chef'n