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A Clear Choice

I'm a devoted whiskey guy, but in warmer weather, a nice glass of brown can seem, well, out of season. While I don't have anything personally against vodka, and enjoy a cold beer like any other red-blooded American, there's something about the flavor and body of a good whiskey. I recently discovered Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey from Jim Beam, and off the bat, was surprised by how smooth it was. I've had White Lightning and moonshine in my college years, but this had none of the gag factor. Instead, it offered a lighter body, but the full flavor and that signature kick you'd expect from a whiskey. That's because unlike most white whiskeys (which aren't aged), Jacob's Ghost is aged for about a year in charred oak barrels and then filtered to remove color and take a little bit of the edge off. The result is a spirit that's a bit livelier, fresher and sweeter than the stuff that gets you through the winter, which makes for a pretty versatile beverage to drink all summer long. Try it out with some tonic water and grapefruit juice for a refreshing drink, or use it in a classic cocktail like a Manhattan or Tom Collins.

Jacob's Ghost, $22

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    White whiskey allows you to taste more of the grain since what comes out of the distillery isn't smoothed over by a long aging process.