Tool Kit

Essential, No-Nonsense Equipment to Ensure You'll Grill Like a Pro This Summer

Cooking doesn't get much simpler than tossing meat over an open flame. And while there are a lot of newfangled grilling gadgets out there, you don't need some elaborate set stocked with unnecessary tools. (That oversized fork does little more than help vital juices escape.) What you do need are some sturdy essentials that will help you get the job done. And a few icy beverages to make the process that much more fun—but you can choose those yourself.


Taylor Folding Thermometer

Quickly and easily check the doneness of your meat with this easy-to-read digital thermometer.

$15 at Sur la Table


Stainless Steel
Locking Tongs

The one tool every griller needs is a sturdy pair of spring-loaded locking stainless steel tongs.

$4.40 at Amazon


Hell's Handle
Off-Set Spatula

The offset handle keeps knuckles away from the heat, while the large surface area makes quick work of flipping burgers and fish.

$20 at Webstaurant Store


Weber Grill Pan

Grilling veggies, fish or other delicate items? This perforated pan keeps them in place. And the wide handles make it easy to pick up with oven mitts.

$19.99 at Amazon


Grill Friends Sauce Mop

This heat-resistant silicone brush holds plenty of sauce and the angled handle keeps your hands away from the heat while you baste.

$11.85 at Amazon


Smoking Bags

These handy and reusable muslin bags of natural wood chips from a Texas orchard imbue your food with a rich, smokey flavor.

$4.95 at Kaufmann Mercantile


Steven Raichlen Grill Oiler

Keep your food from sticking to the grill by oiling your grates. This loaded brush makes the process quick and easy.

$12.99 at Amazon


The Modern Grill Brush


This ergonomic brush lets you put plenty of pressure on the grates and releases a small amount of water which turns to grease-melting steam the instant it touches a preheated grill.

Grill Daddy, $14.39 at Amazon


Rosle Marinade Injector

A fast way to impart flavor and juiciness, this syringe inserts marinades, melted butter and other liquid flavorings into cuts of meats and poultry before grilling.

$10 at Frontgate


Weber Chimney
Charcoal Starter

A chimney starter lets you light and spread your coals quickly (and without any noxious lighter fluid).

$14.99 at Amazon


Ikea Twill
Side Towel

Just a simple towel, but the payoff is huge. They prevent burns, keep things tidy and help you brush off any powdery ash.

$0.79 at Ikea