Going out for dinner on Valentine's Day comes with all sorts of stress and unnecessary expectations. The restaurants are over-crowded, there are cheesy "romantic" specials meant to be shared and you often feel rushed, as though the host wants to seat his next reservation at your table as soon as you put down your fork. So what's a gentleman to do? "Take matters into your own hands and cook something nice at your place," says Dorian Burns-Coyne, founder of Blade & Skillet. "Not only will it answer the question 'Where are we eating tonight,' but it'll give you a chance to show off for your date." Not a Michelin starred chef? No worries. Blade & Skillet specializes in simple, but tasty meals that don't require a lot of prep work or fancy equipment. We asked Burns-Coyne for a Valentine's Day game plan and he's provided everything you need, from a delicious dinner and wine pairings to dessert.