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Nutrition Bars

Call it the new fast food. The latest wave of nutrition bars are swapping the candy-like ingredients (think vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate chips) for such savory, substantial ingredients as grassfed beef and sweet potatoes. Unlike your standard sugary protein bars, these snacks feature layered, global flavors and are packed with whole foods for lasting fullness. After all, keeping your home and desk stocked with quick, healthy grab-and-go food is a surefire way to keep yourself from making poor nutritional choices when hunger hits.


Using 100% grassfed meat, these Paelo-friendly bars are made with minimally-processed ingredients and are free of dairy, gluten and grains. But they're big in flavors that are balanced with a touch of fruit.

$11 for a sample four-pack, at Amazon


Our favorite of the bunch, these crunchy, nutty bars come in a wide range of flavors with punched-up spices, from smokey BBQ and honey mustard to Thai sweet chili and roasted jalapeño.

$14 for a variety box of 10,
at Advantage Nutrition


Chewy with a touch of crunch, these bars are made from whole grains, almonds and herbs inspired by healthy cuisine and bold, global flavors like coconut curry, sesame ginger and pizza marinara.

$22 for a variety pack of 12, at Journey

$1.4 Billion

The amount spent on nutrition bars, energy gels and gummy chews last year.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)


Mediterra combines the tastes and health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet into a convenient bar. Protein-rich pea crisps, fresh herbs and olive oil make these great for salty snack cravings.

$24 for a dozen at Mediterra


These hearty and richly flavored beef-based bars are made with whole foods like sweet potatoes and flax seeds and have a texture that resembles a nutty version of fruit leather.

$13 for a sample four-pack at Omnibar

Slow Food for Fast Lives

With a chewy bite, these bars are inspired by different geographic locations around the world, from the spicy Thai peanut bar to the California bar (a condensed version of a superfood salad).

$2.49 each at Abe's Market