The Best Booze to Give (and Get)

When you're unsure about what to get someone, or need a last-minute gift on your way to a party, there's really only one choice that will never disappoint: a good bottle of booze. After all, the holidays are the perfect time to break out the good stuff. And if you're going somewhere and you're not sure if the good stuff will be there, show up with a bottle you'd like to drink and encourage the host to crack it open. Here are the spirits we'll be giving (and hoping to receive as well). They're the kind of drinks that are sure to get even the surliest among us into the holiday mood. Like Nick Offerman here, in all his manly Ron Swanson-ness, relaxing in front of a roaring fire with a nice single malt Scotch.

Monkey 47 Gin

With the distinct and pure scent of juniper, crisp citrus notes and a sweet, floral aroma thanks to local cranberries, Monkey 47 is prepared with spring water from Germany's Black Forest.

$47.99 at Mora's Fine Wine & Spirits

Basil Hayden's Bourbon

A lighter bodied but flavorful bourbon that's easily enjoyed neat but also mingles well in cocktails, so feel free to use it to spike some eggnog or cider. Plus the handsome bottle is ideal for giving.

$35.49 at Total Wine

Lagavulin 16
Year Old Scotch

This recipe dates back to 1816. If, like Nick Offerman up above, you enjoy strong peat and smoke with just a touch of toffee sweetness, this is the single malt for you.

$99.99 at Country Wine & Spirits

Los Danzantes
Reposado Mezcal

The almost syrupy body of this dark mezcal (which has been aged for a year in French oak) mixes a rich, buttery maple sweetness with a warm, slightly smoky wood.

$62.99 at K&L Wine Merchants

Michter's Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey

A limited-edition barrel strength rye is an easy-drinker that's great on its own (thanks to the sweet yet spicy caramel and cinnamon notes) but it's also ideal for Old Fashioned or Manhattans.

$79.99 at Astor Wines

Blanco Tequila

Fans of ultra-smoothness will go nuts for the clean, rich vanilla flavor and creamy texture of this tequila, which unlike other blanco varieties, is actually aged for two months.

$46.99 / $41.99 at Quality Liquor

Backwards Distilling Co. Ringleader Vodka

You may not think of Wyoming when you think of vodka, but that's just where this incredibly smooth vodka, with subtle hints of butterscotch sweetness, is made.

$32 at Ezra's

Holiday Drinking Tip

Always re-cap your flask and return it to your pocket between swigs. This lengthens the amount of time between drinks, extending the life of the booze inside.

Flask, $24 by Izola