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  • The "weight" of paper refers to how much 500 sheets of that particular stock would weigh.

A Trump Card

Business cards are typically boring, possibly ugly and sometimes associate you with a job that, when off the clock, you'd rather just forget even existed. In spite of that there are times when you want to pass along your name and number to a friend, networking contact or a beautiful lady, and a napkin or scrap of paper won't cut it. Besides, who has a pen? The solution is getting yourself set up with some calling cards. Long a relic of Victorian Era gentleman, they're making a resurgence. When getting a set, be sure to utilize the kind of information that isn't likely to change: email, phone and maybe even your Twitter handle.  This allows your contact info to remain relevant no matter your job hopping or couch surfing ways. Our pick for a calling card are those offered by Mandate Press. Letter pressed on heavy card stock, they'll get and keep people's attention. And that's a powerful thing in this age of personal branding.

$95 for 250 personalized cards
at Mandate Press









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