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Your Best Buds

Sure, serious audiophiles swear by over-the-ear can headphones. But they're not always practical. Big and bulky, you can't wear them to the gym. And if they don't cause your ears to overheat, they often pinch them if worn for more than 20 minutes. Herewith, the best buds for in-ear audio sastisfaction.

The Noise Isolator
Klipsch Image S3

These single-driver buds have a snug, angled fit and three different silcone tip sizes deliver rich sound while blocking out almost all ambient noise—ideal for travelers or noisy offices. The extra-long cable is molded into the plug for durability.

$39, at Amazon

The Workout Bud
Bose IE2

A starter set by the legendary Bose, these lightweight buds have uniquely engineered tips that keep them securely in place (even during rigorous runs). The highs are crisp and the bass is deep without being overpowering.

$99, at Amazon

The All-in-One
Beats by Dr. Dre Tour

Four different noise-isolating tips and a powerful wide-bandwidth driver make for natural voices, detailed highs and big bass. The cleverly-designed cords are tangle-free and the remote/mic makes for easy hands-free calling.

$144, at Amazon

The Value
Skull Candy Smokin Buds

These buds don't offer much noise-isolation, but for the price, the sound is crisp and the bass is surprisingly powerful. The cords tend to tangle and they don't exactly feel durable, but the lifetime warranty is reassuring.

$29, by Skull Candy

  • The first stereo headphones were invented by a jazz musician in Milwaukee.








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