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Behind every great man ... is a good dog. Is that the phrase? Ah, who cares? Having a dog is awesome. Studies have shown they lower your blood pressure, boost your immunity and keep you in shape. Not to mention they're foolproof date magnets. And while we're not in favor of dressing up your dog (with one notable exception), we do think you should shop for your pup the same way you do for yourself—looking for items that are handsome and well made. Herewith, a few current favorites.


Most pet washes are like cloyingly sweet baby shampoos, which don't do a whole lot for your dog. This gentle, all-natural cleanser easily rinses off, making bath time simpler. The tea tree oil leaves a pooch's skin hydrated while lemon peel oil and spearmint make for a soft, subtly scented coat.

$35, by Aesop


Using the same bridle leather found in their famous bags and belts, this collar will stand up to years of abuse thanks to rugged, riveted construction and solid brass hardware. The safety center ring, an old hunting detail, allows the collar to turn inside out if your dog catches it on something.

$36, by Filson


Handcrafted by professional New England rope-makers and made to withstand thousands of pounds of pull, these handsome leashes are constructed from U.V. resistant, marine grade rope with sturdy brass hardware and are machine washable.

$60, by Found My Animal


Keep your hands clean and your arm from tiring out. Not only does the Wood Chuck look like it came from a Scandinavian design store, this sleek bamboo tosser offers strength and maximum chuck-ability with an ergonomic cork handle for ultimate comfort.

$20, by Planet Dog


Does your dog need a denim tipi? Of course not. But if you have the means (and the room) why not? Made in California from durable cotton and natural birch wood, it assembles quickly and makes for an easy and attractive den.

$98, by Growler Goods


When it comes to a treat that dogs love and vets recommend, these quirky toothbrush-shaped chews are at the top of the list. Designed to clean teeth and freshen breath, they're also packed with nutrients and vitamins essential to your dog's health.

$7, by Greenies

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