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Whether you fancy yourself a modern-day MacGyver or simply like being prepared, a trusty pocket knife is always a smart thing to have on hand. But let's face it, you don't need a knife with a miniature wood saw in it. You need one with a pen that doubles as a tool to press those tiny reset buttons recessed into modems or routers, a longer-than-usual straight pin for removing CDs and DVDs from uncooperative drives and a screwdriver with multiple bits for everything from field-stripping your laptop to repairing your sunglasses. Perhaps that's why the CyberTool has become one of Victorinox's best selling Swiss Army knives.  It's so popular, that they've released a new version, the CyberTool Lite. It's a bit of a misnomer though. Lite, in this case, doesn't mean a smaller version of the original. It means that they've added a powerful LED flashlight and magnifying glass to help you on those jobs that have you ducking under desks or sliding behind media cabinets. But if you don't think you'll utilize the extra illumination, the standard version is still available.


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