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The B*72 Kit

This foundation kit has everything two people need to survive a three-day emergency, including medical supplies, food, tools and makeshift shelter.

$325 / $275 at Huckberry

Be Prepared

It's the Boy Scouts' official motto and one that every man should adopt as well: be prepared. Preparation is the key to feeling like you've got things under control, whether preparing for a job interview or stocking up to make sure you're ready for an emergency. Maybe it's because we're such suckers for good kits, but we like what these guys are doing over at Boltwell. They've created a handful of simple, all-in-one kits that are stocked with supply basics for a series of disasters, from fires and natural disasters to car problems. The emergency prep company launched this spring after founder Trae Nunnink, an advertising executive by day, couldn't find a kit for the urban, modern man. "Many of the emergency preparedness systems I found were extreme, daunting and panic-inducing," says Nunnink. "We believe that empowering people and preparing for the unexpected doesn't mean going off the deep end to get there." So he and his team of disaster prep experts spent two years testing and sourcing the best products and then worked to package them into simple, easy-to-store and portable kits.

The Grab & Go Kit

Ideal for keeping in your car or near the exit door of your place, this packs some vital tools, food and first aid should you need to evacuate in a hurry.

$75 / $64 at Huckberry

    Don't need
    a whole kit?
    You can purchase individual items for your own kit or to simply have on hand. This hand-powered backup battery, for example, is a seriously smart buy and as Boltwell reminds us, "The ability to produce electricity makes an excellent bartering item."
    $79 at Boltwell








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