A Man's Home

The Finishing Touches

We've said it all before: your home should reflect your personal style. Meaning you should outfit your place with the same attention to detail that you bring to your wardrobe—mixing individual pieces and various styles that speak to your sensibilities and to your needs. So when the seasons change, your interiors should evolve just like the clothes in your closet. So now's the perfect time to update one of the most important spaces in your home—the living room.



Swap out your standard couch pillows for something in a cozy, seasonally-appropriate fabric. These are sourced from an American menswear supplier and the tightly woven plaid wool is inspired by vintage stadium blankets.

Grandad throw pillow, $56
at Schoolhouse Electric


The Throw

Here's why you want to have a well made blanket on hand. They look sharp when slung over the back of a chair or sofa, add a warm texture to the room and they come in handy when you and a date are on the couch.

Faribault US-made wool throw, $129 at West Elm


The Coffee Table

Hiroshi Fujiwara, $35

Cabins, $47

Brass planter, $54 at Leif

The Monocle Guide to Good Business, $40

If the only thing on your coffee table is some dust and a few remote controls, consider adding a small stack of books. This fall's best coffee table books are as attractive as they are interesting to thumb through. Other items to keep on your coffee table? A tray or box to hold remotes and other electronics, a natural element (maybe a plant) or something you brought back from your travels.



Stash your stuff—be it old magazines, spare shoes or the dog's toys—in style with some masculine and utilitarian crates from (who knew?) H&M, which are surprisingly durable.

Wire basket (back), $10 at H&M
and Locker basket (front), $18 at H&M


You know how hotels and nice shops always smell great? Bring that to your place with a candle or smokey incense that boasts a rich but subtle woody scent. It adds a touch of romance and shows your guests that you take care of your surroundings. Herewith, three recent favorites.

Sydney Hale woodsmoke, $25 at Huckberry and Burroughs Flame, $35 at Prospector Co.

Palo Santo incense,
$15 at Love Adorned