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At Security

Stash your phone, keys, watch and belt in your carry-on before getting into line. After showing your ID, place it back in your wallet and put it in the bag as well. Then place your bag on the belt first, followed by your shoes, toiletries and laptop. Your bag will be out first—making it easier to refill on the other side.

  • Things that should never go in checked luggage: Valuables, irreplaceable vintage pieces, chargers and cords or the suit you need when you get off the plane—whether that's a business suit or a bathing suit.
Leave Distractions Behind
Noise-canceling headphones top every traveler's wish list. This set by Solitude ($129) is one of the best-reviewed, most affordable on the market.
The Ideal Travel Shoe

A pair of rubber-soled leather loafers are easy to slip on and off (both at security and on the plane) and can be dressed up or down—whether you're sightseeing or going to dinner.

Bleaker loafer, $109, by Bass

Got a lot
of baggage?
For as little as $39 a bag, LugLess will pick up your suitcases (snowboards or golf bag) from your home or office and deliver them right to your destination.
60-Second Guide

Traveling with Ease

We live in an era of travel hassles and stresses. But if you pack cleverly, equipped with the right shoes and gear, you can ease through the airport, and arrive in style. Here are some time-tested tips for a less tense trip.

The Dopp Kit

To make packing less of a headache, we suggest keeping a kit ready-stocked with travel-sized products. Order up your favorites from 3floz.com or use GoToobs (right), refillable spill-proof silicone containers.

Pack Smarter

Stick to one color story for a trip and be amazed at how easy it is to mix and match multiple pieces. If you're not a master folder, embrace the roll. Roll jeans and washed button-down shirts. Stuff rolled socks and ties into shoes and use rolled undershirts and boxers to fill in all available space in your suitcase. Finish by packing your folded jacket or suit on top.









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