The One Shirt You Need Right Now

The flannel shirt is a classic piece of menswear that's lived many lives, from workwear to grunge to Americana-loving hipsters and back again. Something of a sartorial contradiction, they're burly and hard-wearing, and yet soothingly soft and warm at the same time. A plaid flannel is the kind of shirt you want to wear when the leaves are falling and the air is crisp. There are all sorts of styles to try, from rugged chore shirts to more tailored button-downs. Here are a few of our favorites.


How to Wear It

Dress it up under a jacket. Just keep in mind, a textured tie (nubby wool or a silk knit) is in order. Or embrace the current '90s revival and pull one on over a loose T-shirt, roll up your sleeves and leave it open—or simply tie it around your waist.


Gap + Pendleton, $64.95

Filson, $125.00

Bonobos, $98

Grayers, $98

Beams Plus, $140

Roark Revival, $120 / $107.98

Abercrombie, $68 / $34

Alex Mill, $185

Fried Rice, $138

Outerknown, $195

H&M, $39.99

Our Legacy, $199

Levi's, $59.50


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