The Simple Upgrade

It's officially spring. And even if you're not in the market for some new shoes, swapping out your laces is an easy way to freshen up your kicks for the coming season. It's a small detail that can offer a big impact to whatever you're wearing. They're not only offered in a kaleidoscope of Crayola colors, but in a range of widths and materials too. It's likely the easiest and most affordable change you can bring to your wardrobe. From rawhide laces that add some rugged appeal to plain canvas sneakers, to waxed cotton or silver tipped laces that step up the style of your everyday leather lace-ups. Pairing the different colors and textures gives well-worn footwear a whole new attitude.

For Desert Boots

Casual boot laces,
$4 at J.Crew

For Dress Shoes

Waxed cotton laces,
$9 by Benjo's

Silver tipped laces,
$14.50 by Stolen Riches

For Sneakers

Leather laces,
$6 at J.Crew

Styling Tip
There are countless ways of lacing your shoes.
We're here to show the only two you really need to know.

Published on

March 21, 2012

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