Austin-based Fairdale Bikes makes awesome rides with a rebellious attitude informed by BMX culture. The cycling set obviously loves the brand's road and track frames, but their Coaster bike is also worth a look. Durable BMX cranks are paired with a trusty Shimano coaster brake in the back, with raised handlebars that make for a smooth ride. It certainly looks a lot tougher than most cruisers, but it's just as fun to peel down a boardwalk or street as if you were a kid again. Beefy 38 mm tires make for a comfortable ride when you encounter some bumps. In short, it's a great bike for casual cyclists looking for a no-nonsense way to get around a city, or just want something for relaxing weekend rides. Plus, it's pretty affordable given the quality.


Styling Tip

Stock your ride with quality accessories like a theft-proof light, some modern storage and a portable air pump for mid-ride flats.


Coaster, $430
by Fairdale


Published on

May 24, 2013

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