Let me just start off by saying that I love my phone. I'm on it constantly, I order my food and my rides home on it and it's basically the only camera I use these days. But one thing that I don't need to use it for is my alarm clock. Maybe it works for you, but I don't have the discipline for it. I leave it on vibrate or forget to turn my ringer up and sleep right through the alarm. Or when I do hear it, I'm accosted with app alerts, emails and texts before I've even showered the sleep out of my eyes. Which is why I'm setting this bad boy on my nightstand from now on. It's a new reissue of Braun's iconic alarm clock, first created by legendary designers Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams in 1990. The minimalist aesthetic, silent German precision quartz movement and gentle crescendo alarm are the same as the original, but this update features a convenient hands-free, voice- or clap-activated snooze function. Not that I'd ever be so irresponsible as to hit the snooze.