The Best Sunglasses Under $75

Best Affordable Men's Sunglasses

The only thing worse than losing, dropping or accidentally sitting on a pair of pricey sunglasses is being too afraid to actually live in them. So why not skip the pairs with the same price tag as a plane ticket and go for a more affordable version? Of course, there's a difference between affordable and cheap. You still want quality construction in a timeless style. We've rustled up the best made glasses that can survive all the outdoor adventures you have planned while leaving plenty of cash still in your pocket.

Best Affordable Men's Sunglasses

The Best

GAMT Men's Sunglasses

GAMT, $14.90

Le Specs Men's Sunglasses

Rubberized frames

Le Specs, $69

1901 Men's Sunglasses

1901, $25

Sunglass Museum Men's Sunglasses

Deadstock vintage

Sunglass Museum, $25

J.Crew Factory Men's Sunglasses

J.Crew Factory, $26.50 / $12.50

Polaroid Men's Sunglasses

Polarized lenses

Polaroid, $65

Sunski Men's Sunglasses

Sunski, $55

Topman Men's Sunglasses

Topman, $20



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