Jian DeLeon
for Valet.

Editor's Notebook


Inspiration: Early 70's socialites and misfits.

Stylist: Andreas Kokkino

Standout: The salmon patch pocket suit. A guy should have at least one summer suit, and the reddish hue and breathable fabric evokes Michael Caine's "Alfie."

For the guy who: Likes to keep his indulgences to himself. The elegant construction feels like a million bucks without screaming fashion with a capital F.

Will it work for "work?": You'll be the best-dressed guy at the office and for summer, the wide-leg trousers have linen to help you keep your cool.

  • Simon said the pastel colors came from old photos of Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.
Robert Geller

Inspiration: "German men in the fifties, vacationing at the North Sea."

Stylist: Yuji Takenaka

Standout: The midnight blue biker jacket. Not too bright and will develop an interesting patina with wear.

For the guy who: Has a romantic edge. There's definitely poetry in this collection—from the floral accessories to the idyllic dusky hues—just go easy on the couplets, Kerouac.

Will it work for "work?": Outerwear like the field jacket, blazers and bombers would be fine for those who like to push the sartorial envelope at the office. But like the theme suggests, perhaps save the rest for your off time.

  • The show featured music by 70's Krautrockers Neu!

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