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John Bartlett

John Bartlett's sea-faring spring collection for Claiborne may have been rich in hue, but all that color won't cost you. Nearly everything in the collection will sell for under $100, the designer told us. A bright collection of shorts and polos rounded out with with sun bleached cotton sweaters and old-fashioned denim, we caught up with the designer to get his take on next spring.


What's the easiest way for a guy to incorporate bright colors—like these purples and lime greens—into his wardrobe?

Gingham makes it easy, since it's cut with white. That's become the new solid so to me, I use gingham in really hip, pop colors. Guys look great in color, especially with an old pair of jeans or khakis, they can really express themselves with bright colors and maybe some accessories.


So it's all about
gingham then.


Yeah, there's so many stripes, so many solid shirts, but I think men are finally getting into the idea of gingham and plaids, especially in bold colors. It's slightly rugged, which guys get. They can wear it under a suit, but it's stepping out a bit. Casual, but still refined.


What's your ideal jacket for next spring?

To me it's the classic harrington. We cut it in orange and in white, with this great stripe/rib trim. In a lightweight cotton-nylon, it's that piece that goes with everything.


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