Daypack, $180

The Lighter, Smarter, Easier Way to Travel

Things we like: jetting out to the beach or a buddy's rental house for a weekend getaway. Things we don't like: lugging an awkward duffle bag or our girlfriend's crimson roller suitcase through the train station or airport. Whether it's heaving it into the overhead, pulling your arm out of its socket or catching the wheels on a bump that sends it on its side like a turtle on its back, carrying a bag is not without its pains. This guide will attempt to alleviate these First World problems by showing you how to fit a weekend's worth of wardrobe and accoutrements into a single backpack. A combination of clever packing tips and versatile style choices will leave you hands-free the whole way.


The Bag

First thing's first: choose your weapon. Sleek, stylish backpacks have been popping up all over the place the past few years, and the ones featured here are just that.


DSPTCH's daypack may be a little steep at $180, but we're on board with the water-repelling ballistic nylon exterior, and an interior that features a laptop compartment and cord management system. Plus, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


If you want to take it old school, Jansport's Jayhawk bag is your best bet. This isn't your 7th grade backpack though. With a brass metal zipper, separate laptop compartment and jacquard trim on the interior, it's as stylish as it is functional.


Remember when Bane's henchmen pull him out of a flying plane? Well, if they were wearing backpacks, this Lexdray would be their bag of choice. With nine zipper pockets, weather-resistant fabrics and a padded waist strap, this is the badass villain of bags.


The Packing List

Keep things interchangeable, light and packable (leave the vintage leather boots in the closet). For example, here's a simple list for a weekend beach trip.


Studies have shown that carrying a heavy bag on one arm can result in chronic lower back pain.

Everyday Health)

2 to 3 pairs
of underwear

2 pairs of socks
(use discretion depending on
events planned)


1 pair of shorts
(wearable with T-shirts
or button-downs)

1 pair of
your most
comfortable jeans

2 T-shirts
(one dark,
one light)

1 button-down
(the soft Staple Oxford
by The Knottery is our go-to)

Slip-on sneakers
(the perfect travel footwear)

favorite hat


Pack It Up


Everything on your list is rollable and stackable. Rolled clothes take up less room and are less prone to wrinkling than folded items. If you're bringing an extra pair of kicks, they should always be the bottom layer of the bag to avoid soiling the rest of your clothes. Lay your socks flat on top of each other, roll them tightly and tuck them (along with any belts) into a side pocket or into the shoes you're packing. Layer the underwear, bathing suit and shorts on top of one another, fold over, roll them up and place into the bag. Drop in your dopp kit and hat. Sandwich your button-down between your T-shirts. Fold the arms over the front, then fold in half vertically and roll from the bottom up. Place this roll on top over everything in the bag. Feel free to toss in your laptop and a book or two, and don't forget your chargers.

At the end of the weekend, when you're 20 minutes late for your ride and nursing a vicious hangover with obscure visions of the debauchery from the previous two nights, stuff everything into balls and pray no one asks to see what's in your bag.