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Covair Timepieces

Pairing your timepiece with what you're wearing (or what you're doing) that day can, at times, come with frustration. What watch wearer among us hasn't wished they could swap this face with that strap to make a style that's better suited to their needs that day? Of course, it's never been all that easy to swap out the strap of a traditional timepiece. But Covair, a new brand launching on Kickstarter today, is hoping to change that with affordable watches that boast some impressive Bond-like interchangeability.



40mm stainless steel base

Two timepiece inserts

Japanese quartz movement

Leather quick-change strap

Classic NATO style strap

stainless steel bracelet

Covair is the brainchild of Airows' founder, Jack Archer, and two fellow watch obsessives who got tired of the time-consuming process of swapping out their watchbands. "Maybe it's old fashioned of me, but I can't stand wearing a watch that feels out of place with the rest of my outfit," says Archer. "You know like a black leather strap at the same time I'm wearing a brown leather belt and brown leather shoes. It just feels so ... off."


So they set about creating some quick-change straps that easily clip on and off the watch base. Meaning you can wear a classic stainless steel bracelet during your day-to-day life and in a matter of seconds, pop on a smart leather band for a fancy night out. And it's not just the straps that can be swapped out. The watches themselves easily pop in and out of the durable steel base. Your starter kit comes with two core timepieces—a minimalist white base with Bauhaus vibes and a classic field watch with a rugged grey face. Far be it for us to discourage a healthy watch collection, but for those looking for an affordable way to have multiple watch styles, Covair seems like an ideal Swiss Army knife approach. Plus, the team's already developing new watch inserts like a dive watch with rotating bezel, so you can keep upgrading your wrist without having the shell out for a whole new watch.


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Pledge $129 to score the six-piece watch starter kit.

(End Date: Friday, August 28th at 8 am PDT)