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Are These
the Last Chinos
You'll Ever Buy?

We talk a lot about quality here at Valet. About investing in well made pieces that will last you a long time and get you your money's worth. How long should a pair of pants last? We're not entirely sure. But RPMWEST is. They're betting on 25 years. The successful Kickstarter-backed denim label is expanding into other fabrics with the launch of their latest product, "The Quarter Century Pant." The idea is simple enough—a pair of hard wearing pants so durable, the brand is offering a 25-year guarantee.



3-Ply cotton
twill fabric

Double reinforced

Military grade
antique copper
buttons and rivets

Double tacked on
all stress points

Available in
six colors

Made in Los Angeles from a strong yet soft material, they are reinforced at the stress points (to avoid ripping) and finished with heavy duty, military-grade hardware (to hold up to repeated use). Inspired by classic 20th century khakis, the simple and stylish design is pretty timeless. You could actually wear these for the next two decades, so long as you stay in shape. Offered in a slim or straight leg silhouette, the Quarter Century Pant comes in a range of neutral colors and will retail for $85, which breaks down to a mere $3.50 a year. What's more, within 24 hours the campaign was already fullly funded—a sure sign that guys are willing to pay for quality that will last.


Back the Project

Pledge $85 to score a pair of the pants in the size and color of your choice.

(End Date: Sunday, March 15th at 12:02 am PST)