Your 3 Minute Work Week Escape

"Adventure Is Closer Than You Think."

One of our favorite up-and-coming brands, Rivay, has just debuted their first short film, 24 Miles. The idea, the brand tells us, is that adventure is closer than you think. To illustrate the point, they follow along as one man wakes up in Manhattan, jumps into his Land Rover Defender 90 and drives just 24 miles to the rocky shores of Far Rockaway, Queens for an afternoon of surfing. The video, like everything Rivay produces, is expertly crafted and ruggedly handsome. In short, it's the perfect three-minute escape from an otherwise ordinary work day.

Mobile Pop-Up Shop

Pop-Up Shop

That Land Rover Defender (and matching military trailer) is regularly deployed throughout New York, stocked with the latest from Rivay. This weekend, it will be in Amagansett Square.