Essential Checklist

The Great Indoors

Everything you need to stay inside in style.

Winter was practically made for lazy days inside. Whether you're holed up in a picturesque cabin or simply vegging out on your own couch, a man who chooses to stay in is a man in total control of his life. There are no rules or obligations. Don't feel like putting on pants? Totally your call buddy. In preparation of turning your place into your own fortress of solitude, make sure you're fully kitted out. From the coziest of loungewear and slippers to a mood-setting candle and a satisfying peel-off mask, here's what we'd suggest.









1) Merino dual cloth hoodie, $158 by KWKC
2) Evergreen candle, $48 by The Motley x Life/After/Denim
3) Union suit, $69.50 by J.Crew
4) Wool camp blanket, $110 by Woolrich x Protect Our Winters
5) Flannel robe, $79.95 by L.L. Bean
6) Face Putty peel-off mask, $17 (for two) by Barber Pro
7) Constellation pajamas, $178 by Sleepy Jones
8) Army gym sweatpants, $169 by Velva Sheen

Slip Into
a Pair

No day in would be complete without proper house shoes.
The real question is which style suits you?

Glerups Wool Slipper Boots

Wool slipper boots,
$125 by Glerups

Acorn Astronaut Slippers

Astronaut slippers,
$59 by Acorn

J.Crew Factory Shearling Moccasins

Shearling moccasins,
$59.50 / $29.50 by J.Crew Factory

Woolrich Fleece-Lined Felt Slippers

Fleece-lined felt slippers,
$40 by Woolrich