Lessons in Dressing Well
from Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari

A truly modern renaissance man, Aziz Ansari is a comedian and an actor as well as a best-selling author, not to mention the writer/creator of the Netflix series Master of None (the long-awaited second season of which will premiere in April). And on top of all that, he's one hell of a dresser too. This is a guy who understands how to dress for his body (he's only 5'6") and fills his closet with an eclectic mix of of-the-moment statement pieces and classic staples. Follow his lead and swipe a few of these solid style moves.

The Classics Never
Let You Down

The Classics Never Let You Down

"Hey, you know what brands look really good on me?" Ansari recently asked Mr Porter. "The most expensive ones!" Good taste often doesn't come cheap, but here's the thing about buying quality—the stuff will last you. A suede bomber jacket, a blue broadcloth shirt, some tab-front tailored chinos and a well-crafted pair of loafers ... these are the type of pieces you can wear over and over, in all sorts of combinations and never look bad.

Minimalism, the Right Way

There's the stark, take-yourself-too-seriously way of minimalist dressing. Then there's a more relaxed, tonal take that looks cool but unpretentious. This is the second one. Ansari nails that lowkey swerve in the form of a simple, graphic striped black sweater and black jeans finished with some all-white Common Projects sneakers.

Raise Your Suit Game

Raise Your Suit Game

Ansari isn't afraid of standing out in the right way. When all the other guys are showing up in standard dark grey or sleek navy suits, he donned a smart windowpane plaid option. Finishing the look off with such eternally cool accessories as a knit tie and some Persol shades? That just takes it to a way more stylish place.

Fit is Everything

Fit is Everything

Whether he's going for full swagger in a three-piece suit or simply pulling on a quilted puffer jacket to tackle a New York snowfall, Ansari understands that perfectly fitting clothes makes a huge difference in how they look and feel. Details like sleeve length, the perfect pant inseam and how a garment fits in the shoulder—this is what separates the men from the boys. And certainly keeps a shorter guy from looking diminutive.


Ansari wore his own clothes throughout the first season of Master of None.