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Men's Journal is getting you set up for summer travel this week. First with a Q&A with the always insightful and entertaining Anthony Bourdain. "What if you found yourself next to CNN's rockstar travel documentarian at a party?" writes Charles Thorp. "Obviously, you'd ask him where you should go on vacation this summer and shake him down for travel advice."

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If you had time for one trip this summer, where would you go?

It's always life-changing to go to Japan for the first time. It's like life before acid and life after acid. Summer might not be the ideal time to visit there though; it's hot and Tokyo is a city full of people. I would also recommend South Vietnam, Nha Trang. A beach in Vietnam would be nice. Chances are it's very different from the everyday experiences that you are used to. Personally I just fell in love with that part of the world.


17 Ways to Be a Better Traveler

The magazine also rounds up over a dozen practical tips and tricks for getting the most out of your trip, from what to pack to how to rent an Airstream.


Anthony Bourdain:
Parts Unknown

Watch clips from the recent season three of the CNN original series, which featured stops in Brazil, Las Vegas, Tokyo and South Africa.